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We bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers.
About us
About Us

The future of home automation

We’re at Okysmart checking out all the latest releases in home automation, throwing together comparisons, and helping others with their selection of smart home technology. Everything we write is just our opinion so you can enjoy what we have to say about everything from automated lights to high-end entertainment systems;

How We Started

I figured that pretty much all appliances could eventually be turned into smart devices, but I wasn’t sure how. Then one day when looking through some home appliance catalogs at work and saw the Lutron Smart Bridge in a section for “smart” products; it was clear to me what this device did – control other electronics from afar using your phone or tablet. So with extensive knowledge of dumb household items, I set my sights on turning them intelligent too!

Our Mission

We know that this subject can be really tricky to navigate. There’s so much terminology and protocols out there that it feels like you’re drowning in acronyms! But don’t worry, our mission is to help make smart home technology easier for everyone by providing all the important information including what decisions are best suited for your lifestyle as well.

Company Vision

Everything we produce on our website is affected by two values: honesty and brevity. We’re consumers too—we don’t want to purchase some bullshit product only to have it crap out on us a few months down the line; it’s as infuriating for us as it is for you. So, naturally, anything that could damage our relationship with you–or anyone else is something we flat-out avoid!